Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs)

Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs)

MPASS Survey
IP Subsea Unmanned Survey Platform

provide additional advantages of:

  • Lower spread cost than AUV
  • High endurance: multi-day fuel capacity
  • Single shallow to deep water solution
  • Shadow vessel or shore based support
  • Uninterrupted round-the-clock operations
  • Multiple survey sensor technology options
  • Immediate high-bandwidth data collection and processing
  • Swift survey rates with high maneuverability
  • Persistent operations: wide sea state window up to sea state 4/5
  • Wide area surface surveillance for safe operations
  • Proven navigation and obstacle avoidance systems
  • Preset boundaries keep clear of shipping lanes and structures
  • Multiple redundant systems protect against breakdown
  • Jet drives for maneuverability and prop-less safety
  • Trailerable spread: standard duty pickup truck mobilization
  • ASV MBES Survey
    IP Subsea AMP Conducting Subsea Survey

    Small environmental footprint

GARC At Speed: Proven, In service, near production costs
GARC At Speed: Proven, In service, near production costs
ASV Survey O&G
MAPC ASV: Proposed autonomous O&G pipeline survey vessel



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