Harbor Dredging

Dirty Dredging
Conventional Harbor Dredging

The Problem: Conventional dredging technologies demand high mobilization and operational costs that must be passed on to the end client. For small to medium sized jobs, these disproportionate costs deter corrective action and prevent many projects from being performed under optimal conditions. Most dredging and remediation projects are staved off until urgency or hindrance necessitates a costly remedy. There is also an increasing need to minimize the environmental footprint of invasive marine dredging projects.  Dredging and remediation projects would benefit economically, operationally and environmentally from cost effective incremental solutions that lower technical risks.

The Solution: IP Subsea has developed a subsea remediation remotely operated vehicle (ROV) accommodating the the variety of seabed conditions found in ports, harbors and waterways.

SPT 1000
Proven ROV technology brought to subsea remediation delivers higher cost efficiency and increased production rates.
  • The remediation ROV has low capital and operational costs when compared to conventional dredging methods
  • The stable subsea platform provides a host of environmental, operational and production advantages over the conventional technology
  • Precision dredging to target depth reduces excess placement costs
  • ROV operation offers a measured and incremental solution with low technical risk that can be performed under optimal conditions
  • Comparatively small impact on navigation and surrounding operations
3D sonar
Survey and 3D modeling of subsea structures

The Opportunity: IP Subsea is targeting small to medium sized remediation work in and around Baltimore Maryland. The program includes the mobilization and operation of the ROV spread and provides pier, marina and terminal owners an opportunity to address dredging needs at very competitive rates.

  • Maintenance dredging of terminals and access channels
  • Level dredging to target depths
  • Pre and post maintenance surveys
  • Sonar imaging and 3D modeling

    Dredged channel
    Precise material removal to target depth



Availability: IP subsea is currently consulting with operators to evaluate needs and potential work packages. Proper planning can open additional options and extend flexibility to accommodate fixed vessel schedules.

Action: Contact us to discuss any potential, pier, terminal, port or waterway remediation needs.

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