Barge Mounted Excavator Dredge

Barge Mounted Excavator

Excavator buckets are the most common production dredges currently operating in Nome.  They can have buckets that range from 1m3 to 13m3 with 5m3 being the most common.  Production rates of 4km3/day to 8km3/day down to 10m are common.  Since the main component of the dredge is a production excavator, initial costs will be low at $500,000 to $1,000,000.  The mobility, coverage, spillage and environmental characteristics are the same as the clamshell[i].  Again, sporadic loading of the wash plant can be problematic.

[i] Vlasblom W.J. (2005, May).  The Backhoe or Dipper Dredger, WB3408B Lecture Notes. Retrieved from


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